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The Methuen Memorial Music Hall is available for appropriate rentals

Rental Rates for dates in the following calendar years are:

Performances, Recitals, Concerts, Meetings


2016 2017
Hall $925 $925
Hall with use of piano $975 $975
Hall with use of two pianos $1000 $1000
Hall with use of organ $1025 $1025
Hall with use of organ and one piano $1075 $1075
Hall with use of organ and two pianos $1100 $1100

For Wedding Ceremonies

Hall with use of organ; and/or one piano; and/or two pianos             $1,000

These rates are for one performance, with one rehearsal, and custodial coverage.  An additional rehearsal may be obtained at the rate of one-half the base rental fee.  Arrangements must be made in advance with the Rental Coordinator.  The rental does not include the services of an organist and/or pianist.

Questions concerning the availability of specific dates and requests for a copy of the Rental Agreement should be directed to:

Janet M. Jaber, Trustee and Rental Coordinator
Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Inc.
205 Forest Street
Methuen, Massachusetts 01844-2333
Telephone: (978) 685-1690

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